Bubble Bottle

Purpose:    observation

Materials:   plastic bottle
                  dish detergent
                  food coloring

Directions:   Put 1/2 cup of water in the bottle.  Add a drop of detergent and a drop of food coloring.  Glue on the lid.  Shake up the bottle and observe. 

What happens to the bubbles if the bottle sits for a while?

Variations:   Use shampoo and different types of detergent to make bubble bottles.  Which one makes the most bubbles?

Color Bottles

Purpose:    color recognition

Materials:   several plastic bottles
                   food coloring
                   masking tape, markers

Directions:    Fill each bottle to the top with water.  Add a different food coloring to each bottle.  (Orange can be made by mixing yellow and red.  Purple can be obtained mixing red and blue.)  Glue on the lids and label the bottles with the appropriate color word.

Variations:   Have children match up crayons and other real objects with appropriate bottles.

Place bottles in a sunny window and observe!

Glitter Bottle

Purpose:      observation

Materials:     plastic bottle
                    large confetti glitter
                    food coloring

Directions:    Put several spoonfuls of the confetti in the bottom of the bottle. Add water and a few drops of food coloring.  Glue on the lid.  Shake and observe.

Variations:    Vary the food coloring and glitter for different seasons and holidays.