Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln,
Past President
Loved and honored
By many.
To help us remember
This famous man
We put his face
On a penny!

Activities: Do a search on the Internet of Abraham Lincoln. Does he look like the engraving on the penny? Why was he called “Honest Abe”? What does it mean to be “honest”? Give children a sheet of paper cut in a circle. Have them design a coin with their face on it.

By Dr. Holly

A pig is pink, and so is a rose,
Cotton candy and a bunny’s nose.
My lips are pink, and yours are too;
There’s lots of things pink lips can do
Like talk and eat and kiss, kiss, kiss,
Then when it’s quiet, go like this:

Activities: Place red paint and white paint at an easel-just those two colors. Children will think they’ve “discovered” how to make pink!