Letter Bottles

Purpose:     alphabet knowledge

Materials:   plastic bottles
                   small objects

Directions:    Collect small items that begin with a particular sound.  For example, you might have a button, bobby pin, bow, bee, bubble gum, balloon, baby, ball, etc.  Put them in the bottle and label with the letter “Bb.”  Have children name all the objects in the bottle.  Can they think of other things that could go in that bottle?  Have them draw pictures or write words for the things in the bottle.

Variations:   Letter bottles would be a great project for children to do at home with their parents.

Story Bottle

Purpose:       oral language

Materials:      plastic bottles
                     small toys or objects

Directions:  Place the objects in the bottle and glue on the top.  Encourage the children to make up a story integrating the different objects in the bottle.  (Older children could write a story.  Younger children could just name the objects in the bottle.)

Variations:   Have children use plastic bottles for “book reports.”  Encourage them to find objects or draw pictures of things that relate to a book they have read.  Use the bottle to talk about the book with classmates.