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Dr. Jean's Survival Guide
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Discover Great, Easy-to-Make Puppets

Puppets are magical to children

Puppets are as much fun for adults

Make dozens of puppets

Use popsicle sticks, lunch bags and spoons

Oh, my! What a nose

Sing rhymes and songs along with your puppets

Embrace the A (Arts) in STEAM

Move the stick to make puppet wiggle and walk

I had a little turtle. His name was Tiny Tim.

Glue photos to rollers

Upside down grocery sack; use the bottom flap for the head

  Nursery Rhyme Printables
107 pages plus 10 songs

Video for Presidents Song

February 2015
Puppets - Art and Literacy

January 2016
Views for the New Year

New YouTube Video -
Wiggle Willie

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