Mouse Bookmark - Cut a heart about the size of a childís hand from red construction paper. Fold in half. Open. Tape a 6Ē piece of string in the middle. Glue closed. Draw a nose, whiskers, and ears on the heart as shown to make it look like a mouse. Use for a bookmark.

Mouse Bookmark
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Presidentsí Day - 3rd Monday in February
(Hail to the Chief!)

On Presidentsí Day we remember all the leaders     (Children stand and
In our nationís history.                                                 march as you sing
Washington, Adams, Jefferson and Lincoln -             this song.)
We stand and salute our Commanders-in-Chief!      (Salute.)
In the great White House
In Washington, D.C.,
They have worked to keep our nation strong.
From seventeen eighty nine till today,
We celebrate all our Commanders-in-Chief!

Letters - Have children write letters to the President. Donít be surprised when you get an answer! - This is a great website to learn more about past Presidents, take a tour of the White House, find games, etc.

White House
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If I Were the President I Would . . . Let each child write a story or draw a picture about what she would do if she were President. Put them together to make a class book. Click here to download the a page for the cover of your book.