Valentine Sandwich - You will need a heart shaped cookie cutter, bread, cream cheese, and red food coloring to make this sandwich. Mix the cream cheese with red food coloring until it is pink. Cut a heart out of the bread with the cookie cutter. Spread on the cream cheese.

Conversation Hearts - Conversation hearts are good to sort, count, read, and eat! Estimate how many will be in a bag, then count. Graph the ones that are the same. Make a game by cutting paper hearts out of construction paper. Write like phrases found on candy hearts (such as “Kiss Me, “Cool One,” “WOW!” “Cutie Pie”) on two of the hearts. Children can visually match up the ones that go together, or they can play a concentration game with them.

Conversation Hearts
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Love Is . . . Do a language experience chart where each child completes the sentence, “Love is…” You could also make a class book where each child completes the sentence “Love is…” and draws things that she loves.

Valentines to Make Children Smile - There is a website called You can get the names and addresses of children who are very ill. Invite your class to make valentines to make the children who are ill feel better.

Predictable Books - Have children make blank books using one of these titles: Love is… I love… Happiness is… A friend is… My favorite things to love… Things I love from A to Z.

Heart Critters - Give children several choices of hearts in different colors. Children glue them on a sheet of paper and add details with markers to make imaginary critters. Ask them to think of a name for their critter.