Sidewalk Shadows - Go outside on a sunny day and have children stand with their backs to the sun. Let them make silly motions and play “Guess what I am?” Give them chalk and let them trace around each other’s shadows. Draw shadows at 10, 12, and 2 and compare.


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Where’s the Groundhog? - Cut twenty 4” squares out of heavy paper. Write high frequency words, math facts, letters, etc. on the cards. Make a copy of the attached groundhog. (Click here to download) Have the children sit on the floor in a circle. Mix up the cards and place them face up on the floor. Identify the word (etc.) on each card as you place it down on the floor. Tell the children to turn around. Hide the groundhog under one of the squares. Children turn back around and try and guess where the groundhog is hiding. One at a time children call out a word and then “peek” to see if the groundhog is under it. The first child to find the groundhog gets to have a turn hiding it. The game continues as children hide the groundhog and then try to discover his whereabouts.

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