Groundhog Day - February 2nd

February 2nd,                 (Hold up 2 fingers.)
Is Groundhog Day.
Gather round his hole     (Make circular motion.)
To hear what he値l say.    (Place hand by ear.)
Will spring be early
Or late this year?
Watch and listen
To what you値l hear.

If he sticks his head out        (Make a hole with one hand.)
On a sunny day                     (Stick the index finger from the other hand
His shadow will frighten him     up through the hole and wiggle.)
And he will say,
的値l go back in my hole           (Tuck finger in your fist.)
And go back to sleep.
You値l have winter
For six more weeks.

If he sticks his head out          (Make a hole with fist and stick up
On a cloudy day                        finger.)
He痴 not frightened
So he will say,                        (Wiggle finger.)
的 think I値l stay out
And the weather should clear.
Spring will be here
Early this year.

Cup Puppet

Click for larger picture

Cup Puppet - Let children draw a groundhog or make copies of the one attached. Staple to a straw. Punch a hole in the bottom of a paper cup and insert the straw in the cup. Raise and lower the groundhog as appropriate in the song.