Apple Tree (This Old Man)

Way up high in the tree,    (Point up.)
One red apple smiled down at me,  (Hold up 1 finger and then smile.)
So I shook that tree as hard as I could.   (Pretend to shake a tree.)
Down came an apple,     (Bring down one hand.)
Mmm! Mmm! Good!        (Pat tummy.)

Two yellow pears...         (Hold up 2 fingers.)
Three purple plums...      (Hold up 3 fingers.)
4 orange peaches...        (Hold up 4 fingers.)
5 green limes...               (Hold up 5 fingers.)

Apple Tasting - Purchase several varieties of apples and cut them into bite size pieces. Have each child taste the apples and then color their favorite in on a graph. Which one was the most popular? Least? How are apples alike? How are they different?

Fruit Prints - Cut an apple in half diagonally. Do you see the star? Let it drain on a paper towel. Pour a little paint in a paper plate. Children dip the apple in the paint and then print it on a sheet of paper. Can you still see a star? (Use lemons, limes, and other firm fruits to make prints.)

Who Was Johnny Appleseed? - Do an internet search and see what you can find out. This might be a good time to talk about fact and fiction.

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