Nature Walk - Take a nature walk and look for signs of fall.  Why do squirrels gather nuts?  How do other animals prepare for the winter? 

Nutty Math - Purchase a bag of mixed nuts at the store.  Children can use these for counting activities, as well as sorting and patterning.  (Note!  Be aware of allergies before using nuts in your classroom.)   Children will also enjoy cracking the nuts open and picking out the “meat.”  

Scarecrow (Skip to My Lou - Children answer each line.)

Stand up and stretch out your arms like a scarecrow. Listen carefully and see if you can do what the scarecrow says!

Can you turn around?              I can turn around.
Can you touch the ground?      I can touch the ground.
Can you wiggle your nose?      (Children respond as
Can you touch your toes?           they make the motions.)
Can you wave up high?
Can you let your arms fly?
Can you give a clap?
Can you give a snap?
Can you jump, jump, jump?
Can you thump, thump, thump?
Can you wiggle your knees?
Can you sit down, please?   Yes, yes, indeed!  
                                                  (Children sit down.)

Scarecrow Collage - Give children fabric scraps, construction paper, straw, etc. and invite them to create a scarecrow. What is their scarecrow’s name?

Class Scarecrow - Old clothes, and a paper grocery sack will work just fine for a classroom scarecrow. Stuff newspaper in the sack and gather the bottom with a rubber band to make a head. Add a face. Let the children wad up newspaper and stuff the clothes. Sit it up in a chair and prop up the head with a dowel rod. Have the children bring in gloves, a hat, boots, etc. from home to complete the scarecrow. Write stories about the scarecrow. What would you do if you were a scarecrow?

Scarecrow Sandwich - Cut a circle out of a piece of bread. Tint cream cheese yellow with food coloring and spread it on the circle. Grate carrots and use for the hair. Raisins can be added for eyes and a mouth. Add a candy corn for a nose and enjoy!

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