Terrific Tips for Starting the School Year!



This is such a clever idea from a teacher in Moore, OK, that I just had to share it with you. She buys Chapstick in several flavors and uses them as rewards instead of candy or stickers. When children are lined up quietly, working independently, or cleaning up the room, she just gives them a dab of Chapstick on their hand. She says the children think it's the best prize in the world. They'll often rub their hand with the smelly on the other hand and proudly say, "Now I have two smellies." Of couse, she told parents about this at her open house so they were clear about what a "smelly" was!



This is a super idea for communicating with parents. If a child needs to bring in a field trip permission, important note, library book, etc. write a reminder on a strip of paper and staple it to the child's wrist. The parents can't help but notice the bracelet and ask what it is for.



Pat on the Back

Cut handprints out of construction paper. Write a special comment about each child in your room and tape the hand to their back.

Pat on the Back


Helping Hands

Cut hands out of construction paper and write different supplies that you need for your classroom. For example, zip baggies, lunch sacks, dust buster, wipes, etc. At your first open house or on the first day of school, invite parents to choose a hand or two and send in those materials. You could also make a "wish list" with an Dust Buster, rocking chair, or other special equipment you'd like for your classroom.

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