You know I’m not “into” worksheets, but these are some free products on TPT that you could use in creative ways.  For example, if you put them in clear sheet protectors children could trace with a dry erase marker and erase.  Children could trace the lines with their finger or a special pointer.  Children could also roll play dough or use wikki stix with the printables..

Letter Limericks

Letter Limericks
If you haven’t downloaded my daughter’s “Letter Limericks” here is a link where you can get them.

Penguin Pre-Writing Cards

These are really cute tracing cards that are good for left-right orientation and writing.

Snow Boy and Girl

Snow Boy Girll
This is a little like a color sheet, but children will can practice recognizing and making shapes.

Pre-Writing Activities for Beginners

As the authors explain, “There’s more than a worksheet going on here.” First children trace the lines with their fingers and then they trace with a crayon, pencil, or marker.

Pre-Writing Skills Strokes Sheets

Pre-Writing Skills
Children get to practice big and little lines, curves, slants, etc.

School House Pre-Writing Cards

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