Happy Handshakes

4-H Hello

4-H Hello

Children can choose one of these “H’s.”
         High Five (High five partner.)
         Handshake (Shake hands.)
         Hug (Hug each other.)
         Hollywood kiss  (Place arms on each other’s shoulders
              and air kiss on left and right.)4 H
         *They can also choose a homerun, which is all four!

Hint!  Cut a hand, numeral “5”, heart, and lips out of fun foam or felt.  Place on the floor so the children can stand on the one they’d like.


Problem Resolution Handshake

                                                  (Carrie Thouvenot)

After students resolve a problem, they can follow this routine:
         1st - Fist bump
         2nd - Hand shake
         3rd - High five
         4th - Hug
         5th - Walk away happy!



You’re the Best!

(Children can do this together to start your day.  You could change the words to “I’m the best!” or “You’re the best!”)
Thumbs up.                            
            (Stick out right thumb.)
Across the chest.
The Best     (Bring across to the
                left shoulder.)
Pat on the back.            
    (Pat self on the back.)
Cause you’re the best!   
      (Wrap arms around self and hug.)


Morning Mantra

Teacher says:                 Boys and girls, what is my job today?
Children respond:           Your job is to teach us and to love us.
Teacher says:                 Boys and girls, what is your job today?
Children respond:           Our job is to learn and to love each other.



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