Happy Handshakes
Thumb Kiss


Thumb Kiss –

Hold up thumbs and touch as you make a smacking sound.

Thumb Kiss





Hand Hug –

Hold up right palms and touch in the air.  Bend thumbs around and gently squeeze.

Hand Hug




Burger –

Children bump fists and say, “Burger.”  Open fists and wiggle fingers together as they say, “Fries.”  Hands in the air and shake fists and hips as they say, “Shake.”






Spiderman –

Partners hold up four fingers and intertwine.  Spiders have 8 legs and you have 8 wiggly fingers.







Biker –

Children hold out fists and stick up thumbs.  The teacher grabs the thumbs and pretends to turn them while making a “Brrrrmmmm” sound.  “Now your brain is revved up and you’re ready to learn!”






Body Parts –

Call out different body parts and challenge children to greet partners by gently touching elbows, knees, heads, ankles, toes, chins, etc.

Body Parts





Jellyfish –

Bump fists and then open and close fingers as you pull them back like a jellyfish.






Bow Wow –

Partners bow and then make “w’s” by sticking up three middle fingers.  Open mouth and place “w’s” on either side to create the word “WOW!”

Bow Wow





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