Thank You Song

Thank You Song

Sing and sign this song to thank school helpers and volunteers.  It goes to the tune of “Happy Birthday.”
            We      (Make “w” and circle around.)
            Say     (Index fingers by lips and move out.)
            Thank you  (Fingertips on chin and extend out.)
            To       (Touch index fingertips.)
            You.    (Point.)
            We say thank you 
            For helping  (Open left palm and place right fist on it and                                                                  bring up.)
            We say thank you to you!

  • Adapt the words for sharing, cleaning, or other behaviors.

Excuse Me!

Teach children to say, “Excuse me” if they bump into someone. 

  • They can also say, “Pardon me!” if they make a small mistake or body noise.

May I?

Practice saying, “May I?” instead of “Can I?”  Add this to your list of magic words.

Play a game of “Teacher May I?” on the playground.  Children line up and one at a time ask to make a movement (hop, jump, skip, tiptoe, etc.).  If they say, “Can I?” the teacher responds, “No, you cannot.”  If they ask, “May I?” the teacher responds, “Yes, you may.”




Letter W









Keys to Being Polite

Make a poster with “Please,” “Thank you,” “Excuse me,” and “May I?” on keys.  Refer to the keys to remind children to use the magic words.


Teach children how to greet someone by extending their right hand, looking the person in the eyes, and shaking their hand as they say, “Hello!  My name is ___.” Have the children walk around the room and practice shaking hands as they greet each other every morning.


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