Magic Words


Magic Words

Start with one rule at a time.  PLEASE and THANK YOU are a great place to begin.  Teach children this song that you can download free:

            Magic Words
            There are two little magic words
            That will open any door with ease.
            One little word is, “Thanks!”
            And the other little word is, “Please!”

            When you’d like to ask for someone’s help,
            And you’re not sure where to begin.
            “Please” will start you off,
            and “thanks” comes at the end.

Magic Words










Role Play

Role play situations where you would say “please” and “thank you.” 
            Someone invites you to their house for a play date. What do you do when you leave?
            What if someone wants to sit next to you? 
                    What should you say?
            Someone compliments you, so what should you say?
            It’s your birthday and you get a present you don’t want.
            Someone is looking at a book you’d like.  What do you do?
            Someone offers you a toy.  What do you say?


Puppets and Plays

Let children use puppets to create scenes where they should use the magic words.    

  • Divide children into small groups and let them come up with skits demonstrating good and bad manners.  (Children really enjoy acting out negative behaviors!  However, encourage them to model the correct thing to do as well.)

Sign Language Prompts

Teach children these signs and use them as prompts:
            Please                    palm open on chest and circle around
            Thank you               fingers on chin and then down to palm
            You’re welcome       back of palm by mouth then curve out
                                            and down
            May I?                   thumbs out and move fists down
            Excuse me            one palm up and brush twice with fingers
                                             of other hand  
            Sorry                    make fist and rub on chest in circular motion



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