Let's Go on a Picnic!



Fun outdoor activities that can be integrated with standards and skills

Independent Reading – Let children choose a favorite book to read outside. They could also read with a buddy. Vocabulary Walk – Find different objects on the playground and have children use as many words as they can to describe the object. (The teacher can be secretary and write the words down so they can be used for further study in the classroom.) For example: TREE – leafy, green, shady, tall, sturdy, protective, canopy…

Informative Writing – Ask children to write about outdoor experiences using their senses. What did they see? What did they hear? What did they feel? What did smell? What did they like best?

Observations – Take paper, crayons, and clipboards outside. Have children sit and draw what they see.


*Use white chalk on blue paper to draw cloud formations.

Dirt Detectives – Use magnifying glasses and sticks to dig in the dirt. What is dirt composed of?

Nature Rubbings – Give children paper and old crayons without the paper. Demonstrate how to place the paper on objects and rub with the side of the crayon.

Scavenger Hunt - Make up a scavenger hunt similar to the one below. Divide children into small groups and let them hunt for the objects on the playground. Give them paper and pencils to record their findings. (Older children could write words and younger children could draw pictures.)

  • Can you find something older than you?
  • Can you find something younger than you?
  • Can you find something rough?
  • Can you find something that feels soft?
  • Can you find something living?
  • Can you find something dead?
  • Can you find something smaller than your fingernail?
  • Can you find something bigger than you?
  • Can you find something green?
  • Can you find something yellow?
  • Can you find something that smells good?
  • Can you find some trash? Pick it up and throw it away!



Animal Picnic – Brainstorm foods that animals eat.  Write their suggestions on the board.  Let children circle the foods that they eat as well.  Plan an animal picnic with carrots, celery, apples, nuts, berries, etc. for snack.

Trash Snack - You will need flat bottom ice cream cones, Cheerios, pretzel sticks, raisins, fish crackers, etc.  Mix the finger foods together and serve in the “trash can” (ice cream cone).  The cool thing about this snack is that there is NO trash when the children have finished eating because they can eat the cone! 

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