School is Over


School Is Over
(Tune:  Frere Jacques)

School is over.
School is over.     (Children repeat each line.)
Time to go.
Time to go.
We’ve had fun learning.
We’ve had fun learning.
Love you so.
Love you so.

End of Year Program -  If you’re struggling with an idea for your “End of Year” program, why not dedicate it to physical fitness.  The children could cheer, dance, jump rope, exercise, and entertain their parents at the same time!!!

Through the Year with a Song – Choose a song, finger play, or poem that you’ve used for every month in the school year.  It will bring back fond memories for your students and will be an easy program to put together for the parents.  It might go something like this:

When the school year started we learned our rules -THE RULES RAP.
In October we learned the days of the week
November was when we said our letters and sounds – ALPHARDY.
In December we learned the months in the year
January was our Hundreds Day Celebration
In February we learned about money
March was time to learn to spell – COLOR FARM.
In April we learned to recycle
May was a time to study (plants, dinosaurs, caterpillars, or another song that reflects your standards).
Now, before we say good-bye,
We’ll sing our favorite song for you.
Please stand up and join along
And you can learn to “Tooty Ta”, too!  (The audience stands up and does the “Tooty Ta” with you.)

Memory Book – Run off copies of a memory book for each child to color and fill in the missing information.  Here are some suggestions:
1st page – “My Memory Book” with teacher’s name, school, year.
2nd page – “This is me.”  (Child draws self –portrait.)
3rd page – “This is my teacher.”  (Child draws teacher’s picture.)
4th page – “Here are my friends.”  (Child draws friends.)

Memory Book

5th page – “My favorite thing at school is...”  (Draws favorite activities.)
6th page – “Something I’ve learned this year…”  (Draws accomplishment.)
7th page – “When I grow up I want to be…”  (Draws future self.)
8th page – “This is my handprint.”  (Trace around child’s hand.)
You could also have children draw their favorite sport, color, book, song, food, etc.

Class Yearbook – A teacher in New York shared this idea with me years ago.  It’s going to take a little work, but it will be something children will treasure the rest of their lives!  You will need to assemble photographs of the children, as well as pictures you’ve taken throughout the school year.  Take 26 sheets of paper and write a letter on each page.  Glue pictures of the children on the page their name begins with.  Next, sort through the pictures and glue them on appropriate pages.  (I’ve give you some suggestions for each letter below.)  Label the pictures and run off a copy for each child.  Use cardstock for the front and back cover and bind.


A- apple tasting, art, alphabet, “Alligator”
B- “Bear Hunt,” blocks, birthdays, books, bus
C- computers, caterpillars, counting, cooking, CLIFFORD
D- dinosaurs, dancing, drawing, “Days of the Week”
E- easel, exercise, eating, exploring
F- friends, fall, first day of school, “Five Little Monkeys”
G- GINGERBREAD MAN, games, graphs, gym
H- Hundred Day, Halloween, holidays, handprint
I- ice and snow, insects, “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” “I can___”
J- jack o’ lanterns, journals, jump rope
K- KISSING HAND, kites, kindness, “Katalina”
L- letters, library, “Lettercise,” lunch, LEO
M-“Macarena Months,” music, math, magnets
N- nests, nursery rhymes, names, numbers
O- oceans, outside, “Over in the Meadow”
P- pizza parlor, P.E., puzzles, painting, “Peanut Butter”
Q- quiet time, quilts
R- reading, rainy days, running, rabbits, “Rime Time”
S- singing, spring, shapes, senses, science
T- “Tooty Ta,” turkeys, teeth, tests, TACKY THE PENGUIN
U- upside down, under, umbrellas (April showers)
V- Valentine’s Day, VERY BUSY SPIDER
W- word wall, writing, winter, “Wally Acha,” weather
X- “X” marks the spot (treasure hunt), X with body
Z- zoo field trip, zigzag art, “Z” end of the year
Use the name of the school, teacher’s name, etc.
Here’s a poem for the cover:
We’ve learned and played in many ways,
But now the year must end.
Here’s a book to remember special days,
And all your kindergarten (first grade) friends!

Hint!  If you don’t have photographs, have your children draw pictures for your book. 

Make a video of your students singing, working in centers, and doing other things they like best at school.

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