Puppets and Tails!

Thank You!

So many of you all over our country have opened your doors and hearts to the children affected by the recent hurricane.  You have taken them into your classrooms, made them feel secure, and have put a song back in their hearts.  You probably didn't get your picture on television or receive any recognition, but I just want to thank you!  Countless others of you have collected books and school materials; you have instilled lifelong lessons in caring by involving your children in projects; you have given your prayers and hopes to lives torn apart.  You make me proud to be a teacher!

Letter Tails

Thanks to Barb Smith (see photo below) for sharing her delightful "Letter Tails" book on my website this month.  It is soooooo AWESOME!  Children won't even realize they are learning as they sing and try to identify the different animals!  Barb suggests making a copy of the book in black and white and then reducing the pages so each child can have his or her own copy to take home. Click the link above to download the book.

Hint! Maybe the book will not print nicely. Sometimes just switching to a newer computer and printer will improve the quality of the printed book.

Happy reading and singing!

Dr. Jean



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