June, 2019


After being an early childhood educator for five decades (Yes, 50 years!) I can confidently say, “THE WORLD KEEPS CHANGING, BUT CHILDREN ARE THE SAME.”  The activities I used in my classroom years ago will still work for you today.  You can call it circle time, or morning meeting, or anything you want, but the bottom line is it’s the BEST way to start your school day. 

I know that many of you are as concerned as I am about too much technology and screen time, so that’s why I’m focusing on AUTHENTIC experiences.  You can get UNPLUGGED and get the children PLUGGED IN with the engaging songs, props, chants, games, and learning activities you’ll find each day in June on my blog (

I’ve got over one hundred free activities that are simple, inexpensive, and FUN!  Add these to your teacher toolbox and you’ll be all set when the school bell rings again.

What if someone says that circle time is a waste of time?  

What would you respond?  Do you really think it’s a waste of time?  Most of us who have actually sat in a circle with our children to start the day realize it is MAGIC!  It is the way to connect with your children, nurture your classroom family, develop social emotional skills, and set the stage for the day.  Since standards and skills are driving education, go to the next page and take a look at these skills that can be nurtured in a natural way at circle time.



I hope you’ll visit my blog ( every day during the month of June.  Better yet, put your email address on my blog, and I’ll send you an idea every day. Pick, choose, adapt, change, delete – they are free and they are yours to do as you will.  My hope is that you’ll be a little more excited to start the new school year and have some fun as you make plans for your best year ever!



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