January, 2018

No, I didn’t spell “happie” wrong.  “Happies” are the good things that Carolyn Kisloski and I give you each month to make teaching and learning more fun. 

This month’s preview includes:

Handshakes - Bow Wow, Potato
Cheers - Mitten, Trucker, Bubble Gum
Attention Grabber - If You Can Hear My Voice
Finger Plays - Me, Ten Little Friends

You’ll also find a dismissal activity, “snowflake words” worksheet, math game, science/health lesson called “Healthy Me,” and a good-bye and recall song to end your day. 

The preview is free, click here, and you can purchase the entire packet (15 songs and 147 pages) on my song store or Carolyn Kisloski’s TPT store.


People frequently ask us for activities in Spanish.  I’m excited to tell you that my webmaster (Alex May) has created two new videos just for you!  Here are the links:

“Weather Song” 

Keep checking back because he’s working on lots of new ones for 2018!

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