Letter Supervisor

Skills:  alphabet knowledge; print knowledge; phonological awareness

You will need a plastic visor, index cards, and tape for this activity.  Choose a different letter each day and write it on the index card.  Tape the index card to the visor.  Choose one child each day to wear the visor and be the “letter supervisor.”   Every time you leave the classroom the letter supervisor stands at the door with her arm extended.  Classmates must name the letter or say a word that starts with that sound before she raises her arm so they can exit the room.

High Five Hands

Skills:  alphabet knowledge, letter/sound relationships

All you need is construction paper, markers, scissors, and tape for this “hands on” learning activity.  Each week cut two hands out of construction paper.  Write an uppercase letter on one hand and a lowercase letter on the other hand with the marker.  Tape to your door at the children’s eye level.  Each time they go in and out the door during the week they “high five” the hands and say the letter and make the sound.


•Change letters each week.
•Write words, numbers, or other information you want to reinforce on the hands.







Letter Vests

Skills:  alphabet knowledge; letter/sound relationships

These letter vests can be used to create interest and focus children’s attention in a wide variety of activities.  All you need is 26 sheet protectors, paper, and string.  Make large copies of letters on 8 ½” x 11” sheets of paper, or go to makinglearningfun.com to download free “highway letters.”  Place letters in the sheet protectors.  Punch two holes in the top and thread through a piece of string so children can easily slip the letters over their heads.

Hint!  Put the lowercase letter on one side and the uppercase letter on the other side.  Put a star on the side with the lowercase letter so children will know to wear it in front.

•Pass out letter vests to children and sing the traditional alphabet song.  Tell the children to stand when their letter is sung.
•Have several children come to the front of the room and hold hands to make words.

Rapper Necklaces

Skills:  alphabet knowledge; print knowledge; phonics

Cut out cardboard letters.  Let children decorate them with fake jewels, glitter, or stickers.   Punch holes in the letters and tie on string.  Let children can wear these as you sing alphabet songs.

•Have the class stand in a circle.  When the letter that their name starts with comes up in the song they can get in the middle of the circle and break dance.

•Use these for a school program.  Ask children to bring in baseball caps and sunglasses.  Make microphones by wrapping toilet paper rolls in aluminum foil.  Children can turn their caps backwards and sing favorite alphabet songs like rappers.

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