JULY 2004

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Hello Book
A "Hello Book" is a perfect way to help children recognize their names and create a classroom community. You will need a photograph of each child, construction paper, book rings, and markers.
Glue each child's photo on a page. (If you don't have photographs of the children, just let them draw a picture of themselves.)
Write "Hello child's name." at the top of the page. Punch holes in the pages and put together with book rings. Start your day by reading the book together and saying hello to each other.
You could also use the book when you want to ask questions to the class. Randomly turn to a page and let that child answer the question. This will allow "thinking time" and discourage children from shouting out the answer.



Use this book to dismiss children for learning centers, to line up, etc. Flip through the book and hold up different pictures. As the children see their photo, they may be dismissed.

"Sing and read" this book to the tune of "The Bear Went over the Mountain."
Hello, (child's name).
Hello, (child's name).
Hello, (child's name).
How are you today?

Hint! Mrs. Levin (pre-kpages.com) made a similar book called "Kiss Your Brain!"
She took a picture of each child and wrote "Kiss your brain child's name."
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