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We want you to enjoy your music. If you are having any problems, please use this form to contact us. We try to respond to all requests within 24 hours. Sometimes that doesn't happen on weekends or holidays. You may also use this form just to send a note to Dr. Jean.

We need an accurate email address or we cannot respond to you. Please double-check your typing after entering your email address. If you don't receive an email from us almost instantly after you send this form, you probably didn't enter a correct, active email address. About once a week we receive a form with a "bad" email address.


Email:     Please double-check. We cannot respond without a correct email address.

Alternate Email:     If you are using a school email address, please provide an alternate email address. Some email systems discard messages containing links.

Order Number: Also called the Transaction ID. You will find it on your PayPal receipt. This is not required, but will certainly help us to respond more quickly. We will generate a new link or set of links, but we cannot do that without your PayPal order number. If you no longer have your receipt, we will use your email address to retrieve the order number.

Having trouble finding a download book, lyrics or movements? Try searching for the song title with the Search Dr. Jean's Site button at the bottom center of the home page.

Your reason for writing:

Did not receive email with links - Have you looked in your Spam folder? Please let us know that you looked there using the comment box below.
Time expired. I waited too long and need new links
Links did not work. Did you see any messages? Please tell us what happened in the box below.
Purchased via PayPal - This information will help us look up your order
Used a Purchase Order - This information will help us look up your order
Schedule Dr. Jean to do a workshop. Please provide date or dates, number of participants expected and any other information you think will help.
W-9 tax form from Dr. Jean and Friends, LLC

Some folks use a different email address with PayPal or order under a different name. If you did that, let us know. It helps us to look up your order. Please include any comments that would help us in responding to your request such as the date of purchase or the name of your school and district:

Please read these instructions, especially the section about the email with the download links. If you have any problems after your purchase, please return to this page and use the link at the bottom of the page. We are not set up to respond to phone calls about downloads.

Click here for iTunes installation information. Since we first recommended iTunes, some people have told us about a message where iTunes says it cannot find the file. Click for information about that.

You will need to know how to burn a CD or copy the files to your iPod or other mp3 player if you purchase downloads. If you need help burning a CD, we have some links to instructions here.

Dr. Jean's Song Store works differently than Apple's online iTunes store. You will need to check your email account (the one you use for Paypal) and use the links in the email you receive to download your songs if you did not use the links on the Song Store page when you placed your order.

Start by selecting an album; just click on the album cover to select.

Purchase single songs by clicking on the words, "Buy this song" to the right of the song title. Each time you select a song, you will see it in your shopping cart. If you wish to purchase the whole CD, you will see a link for that near the shopping cart icon.

After selecting one album or at least five songs, check out through Paypal. Paypal is very secure. You don't need a Paypal account to use Paypal. You can just use your credit card if you wish.

You will receive an Email with Download Links
The links are good for 15 days (more than two weeks) from time of purchase.
They will expire after 15 days.

Very soon after completing the Paypal transaction, you will receive two emails. One will contain your Paypal receipt. The other will contain links to the songs you have purchased. If you don't receive the email with the links within a few minutes of receiving your Paypal receipt, check your junk mail folder or spam folder to see if your email program placed the email there. Use the email link below to tell us if you do not receive your email with the song links.

Some people have multiple email addresses which has caused some confusion. The email message containing the links will be sent to the email address associated with the Paypal account you use to pay for your songs. If you have more than one email address, be sure to check your email at the address associated with Paypal to get your links for downloading. This provides security to everyone purchasing songs from Dr. Jean's Song Store.

We recently learned that some email accounts are putting the email with the links in the Junk mail folder. If you receive your Paypal receipt but not the email from drjeandownloads with the list of links, please check your junk mail or spam folders.

We want you to enjoy your new songs. A few teachers have experienced some problems with our download links, but we have successfully helped everyone so far. Please contact us with any questions. We need a description of what you did and some details, though. Just saying, "It didn't work" will not be helpful. Use the form at the top of this page to contact us.

Using this form will result in a quick response. We are not set up to respond to phone calls.

Some common questions

1) How soon will I receive my links? You should receive your links within minutes of placing your order. If you do not see an email from drjeandownloads (at) in your mailbox, check your Junk folder and your spam folder if you have one. You also need to be sure that the email account associated with your PayPal account is the one you are checking. The Song Store sends the links to the PayPal email address that you have on file with PayPal. If you have an email account that requires verification of the sender before messages are allowed through to your mailbox, you may not get the links. Some Earthlink accounts use this prior verification method. You might want to consider adding the domain to your allowed list before you place your order.

2) What if I don't receive my links even after checking my Junk mail and spam folders? Contact the Song Store via email and tell us what happened. Don't call us on the phone. We are not set up to provide service via phone. You should use the link just above these questions to contact us.

3) What if I don't know how to "burn" a CD? This gives you a great opportunity to add to your tech skills. We have a page full of information and suggestions about burning CDs. Here is the link to info about burning CDs. You might also ask around your school. Many students know all about downloading music and making CDs. Maybe you can find a "student mentor" to help you. We have found that the free iTunes program simplifies the process for many people.

4) What does this message from iTunes mean?  "Song can not be used because the original file could not be found."  Evidently, iTunes issues this message occasionally regardless of the source of the song files. We have tried to track down an official solution without success. We have located some possible fixes that seem to work, though. Click to read some more about the exclamation point in iTunes.

5) Can I get the lyrics to the songs I purchase? Yes. The zip file with album songs will contain a pdf file with printable lyrics.

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