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Fidget Fixers
Everyone has the fidgets at this time of the year. Maybe you can find a cure in this book from Dr. Jean and Carolyn Kisloski.   


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Happies -

Electronic song and PDF files.



Human Side of the
Virtual Classroom
- $14.95

85 pages of activities, songs and videos for you and your students to use in your virtual classroom or in your bricks and mortar school. Designed to accompany the Human Side YouTube video.


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Circle Time - Unplugged - $9.95

87 pages of literacy and math activities, songs and videos for you and your students.


Playing with Letters - $14.95
More than 100 activities, videos and PDF files


Fidget Fixers - Sale - $5.95
PDF files - Although children have always had the “fidgets,” the issue seems to be escalating. Why? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out. Children are spending way too much time sitting passively and going “tap and swipe” instead of running around outside and playing. When they are expected to sit and be quiet, those wiggles build up until they are like a balloon ready to POP!

I'm Only 4 -
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- 260+ pages of center ideas and activities with many, many printables. 

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PDF files

Please don’t put me in front
of a computer to test me.
I’m only four!

Please don’t force my
little hand to write.
I’m only four!

Please don’t make me sit
in front of a big screen all day.
I’m only four!

Please don’t judge me
by data or a number.
I’m only four!


Worksheet Avengers - $9.95
PDF files

If a child can do a worksheet,
it's a waste of time.

If a child cannot do a worksheet,
it's a waste of time.

Why do worksheets?

Teacher's Survival Guide $9.99 - Access to over 100 Dr. Jean videos. Do you need a strategy, but you are not sure how to make it work in your classroom? Simply use your smartphone or other device to scan the QR codes to watch Dr. Jean model the strategy for you and your children.

Finger Plays $8.95 - 131 Pages - Activities for your classroom and for families - Downloadable eBook

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