Reading, Writing, Music - Free Download - Cheers Cards - Spanish Version

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Cheers are a great way to capture your students’ attention when you start your virtual meeting or need a brain break.

Choose one cheer each day and teach it to your students. Save the cheer in a Cheerios box. Before long you will have a box full of celebrations!

Alternatively, you can hole punch the cards and store them neatly on a binder ring. Note! Let children choose cheers to celebrate an accomplishment or to reinforce positive behavior. Invite your students to create their own cheers and teach them to the class. TIP:Practice in advance so you’ll be ready to teach your students. You can watch Dr. Jean demonstrate some of the cheers by following the link below.

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Cheers Cards
Spanish version


These free cards are sure to be a hit. Parents might like them as well.

Dr. Jean also has recorded some songs in Spanish and English.

The same song is presented in English and in Spanish. The songs could be added to a listening center in your classroom.

You could easily print the document and put it in a learning center or send it home for family activities.

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As a bonus, Dr. Jean provides links to two different YouTube videos of the songs.

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