MARCH 2004


                        Stop! Don't throw it away!
                        Surely that box can have another day.
                        Use your imagination and take a look!
                        Turn that trash into a book!
"If they make it, they will read it!" How true it is! Children enjoy constructing, writing, and then reading books from all sorts of materials! The ideas you'll find this month can be used to make collaborative books where each child in the room adds a page. Many ideas can also be adapted for individual projects. Integrate the books with literacy, math, science, social studies, holidays or themes. Add value to the books by sending them home for the children to share with their families!




Cereal Box Book - Ask each child to bring in the box from their favorite cereal. Cut off the front of the box. Write "Child's name eats name of cereal." on a strip of paper and glue it on the bottom of the box as shown. Make a cover for the book that says, "What's for Breakfast?" Hole punch the cereal boxes together and bind with book rings. (Trim the boxes to a standard size before making the book.) Hint! Use other food boxes to make environmental print books. Cut the end labels off and have children match these up with the appropriate box.




Cracker Jack Book - Cut the front and back off a box of Cracker Jacks. Cut paper the size of the box and give each child a piece to draw a picture of what they'd like to find for a prize. Punch a hole in the upper left corner and tie with a ribbon. Hint! The animal cookie book and the Cracker Jack book could be done as a collaborative activity. Children would also enjoy having their individual book.