Our Song

We used to sing and play outside.
We’d hold hands and we’d dance.
Now we do worksheets and take tests.
They’ve taken away our song.
We used to build with blocks.
We’d finger paint and play pretend games.
Now we sit and look at videos.
They’ve taken away our song.
We used to play in the sand,
Do puzzles, play chase, and swing.
Now we sit in front of computers.
They’ve taken away our song.
.... ....
We wish "they" hadn't taken away the song.
Monthly Happies will help you to put
songs and joy back in your classroom for
your students while helping them continue
to learn. So our goal and hope with this packet
Is to put some “happies” in your day.
Shut your door and sing and dance -
Make learning challenging, but full of play.
Give children back their song,
Laugh, and love, and each day,
So when they’ve all grown up
They’ll remember YOU in a special way.