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Many teachers (and parents, students and administrators) are stressed and anxious about the upcoming school year.

Will it be… Virtual? Hybrid? In-Person? ALL the ABOVE?

This is enough to make ANY person’s head spin- but thankfully teachers are problem-solvers and go-getters. We don’t sit back and watch the clock tick away. Nope.. we think, plan and execute..

Is that why you’re here? Well get this, friend: You don’t have to do it on your own. We want to help you!

Actually, we’ve been working ALL SUMMER to do just that. We want to provide you with a guide and a toolbox full of resources to get you going NO MATTER what your upcoming year holds.



So, our team is working to create and perfect this Survival Guide with YOU and your students in mind.

Who makes up this team? Behind this resource you’ll find the knowledge and expertise of:

Who makes up this team? Behind this resource you’ll find the knowledge and expertise of:

Dr. Jean Feldman (Early Childhood Author & Expert)

Barbara Gruener (Nationally recognized Counselor, Speaker & Character Coach)

Laura Buonadonna (Pre-K Expert & Activity Designer)

Toni Mullins (Primary Teacher & Digital Curriculum Developer)

What is the Virtual Classroom Survival Guide?

A step-by-step map on how to organize and initiate your virtual teaching endeavor. This book is broken into four major sections:


        Advice & pintables to get families on board with your virtual classroom.

        Activities, advice and editable templates to get you and your learners prepared for the challenge.

        Instructional ideas and resources to help you meet the learning needs of your distant learners.

Just For Fun:
         A massive library of fun activities designed to make your online experiences more meaningful and memorable.


---> See Dr. Jean's Sneak Peek of this resource by clicking here: Ready, Set, Go

Some of the highlights of this resource include:

    • ALL contents are suitable for virtual, hybrid
      or in person learning!
    • •Teacher-friendly tips and tricks

    • •Innovative engagement strategies

    • •Brain breaks for meaningful movement

    • •Printable visual cues to assist with management

    • •Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) integration ideas

    • •Ideas to enrich school-to-home partnership

    • •Editable Meet-The-Teacher Bio Sheet, Supply Lists and MORE!

    • •Virtual Game Ideas w/ Templates

    • •Dr. Jean's Songs and Dances Plus lots more!

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