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Upcoming Workshops






Dec 6-7, 2018, Georgia Conference for Kindergarten Teachers -
       Atlanta, GA            














Dec 10-11, 2019, Florida Conference for Kindergarten Teachers -
       Orlando, FL   








January 12-13, 2019, California Kindergarten Association Conference -
       Santa Clara, CA       








January 14-15, 2019, Ohio State Conference for Kindergarten Teachers -
       Columbus, OH     







Jan 28-29, 2019, Arkansas Kindergarten Teacher Conference -
       Little Rock, AR       










February 4-5, 2019, Pennsylvania Kindergarten Teachers Conference -
       Harrisburg, PA       








February 25-26, 2019, New Jersey Kindergarten Teachers Conference -
       Atlantic City, NJ       




March 1-2, 2019, Southern California Kindergarten Conference -
       Pasadena, CA











March 15, 2019,vaaeyc 63rd Annual Conference -
       Roanoke, VA 


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