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If you don't find the listing, contact SDE directly by calling 1-800-462-1478
          or check back here later.

6/25-27/14, Reading, Writing, Math & More -
        New Orleans, LA           Click here for more info

7/7-11/2014, ITK - I Teach Kindergarten -
        Las Vegas, NV       Click here or Call 800-924-9621

7/14-15/2014, Summer Camp -
        St. Louis, MO       Click here or Call 800-924-9621

7/23/14, Singing and Dancing with the Common Core Standards -
        Naperville, IL       Click here for info

7/28/14, Camp Common Core - WVAYC - Polly Steele
        Morgantown, WV       Click here to download workshop information

                                            Click here for WVAYC web site
                                            Click here to send an email

7/29/14, Camp Common Core - WVAYC - Connie Bowers
        Parkersburg, WV       Click here to see and download
                                                                workshop information

                                           Click here to send an email

8/6-7/14, Summer Camp -
        Dallas, TX            Click here or Call 800-924-9621

9/26-30/14, International Early Childhood Conference -
        Honolulu, Hawaii            Click here for more information

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