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Happies - All Songs Included by Month

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Back to School Happies

Rise and Shine
Nursery Rhyme Rap
Tooty Ta
If You’re Happy
Rules Rap
Color Box
Super Star Chant
Gray Squirrel
Apple Tree
First 12 Days of School
Cool  Bear Hunt
Katalina Matalina
Over in the Meadow
Days of the Week
Color Train
It Is Time to Say Good-Bye

October Happies

Columbus Day
Twinkle Friends
Have a Seat
School Glue
Back Pack Boogie
ABC Kick Box
Jump Up Turn Around Cross the Midline
My Bonnie Bounce
Macarena Months
Weather Song
Nursery Rhyme Medley
I Know a Scientist
Letter Tales
The 5 Days of Halloween
Granny at the Fair
The Shape Song
Chant and Write

November Happies

My Flag
Line Up Cadence
Pencil Grip
Wiggle Willy
Today Is Sunday
Special Me
Seven Little Letters
Mother Goony Bird
Eat Green
Albuquerque Turkey
We Give Thanks
Pizza Hut
The World Family
Hello Neighbor
Peanut Butter
Color Farm
I Know an Old Lady
Five Little Monkeys
Karate Writing

December Happies

Jingle Bells
Compound Boogie
Tidy Up
Scissors Snip
Macarena Count to 100
This Is the Way We Exercise
Kinds on the March
Gummy Bears
Banana Dance
Feeling Fine
Basic Needs
Holiday Alphabet
Let Me See You Boogaloo
Mulberry Bush



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January Happies

Stand Up for Martin Luther King
Count Potato Pokey
Zero the Hero Number Stomp
Addition Pokey
What Did You Learn Today?
Time to Get Up
Balancing Act
Button Facotry
Ring in the New Year
I’m a Little Snowman
Alphabet in My Mouth
Word Family
Happy Birthday Letters

February Happies

Hello, How Are You?
Be a Buddy
Tony Chestnut
Sports Around the Year
Pump Up to 100
The Money Song
Sing and Sign
Pepperoni Pizza
The Presidents
The Continents
Groundhog Day
Abraham Lincoln
Bringing Home a Valentine

March Happies

Morning Stretch
Hi Ho Helpers
A Coloring We’ll Go
Ride that Pony
Wally Acha
Twisting the Week
Month March
Hickory Dickory Dock
Country Countdown
Alphabet Remix
Vowel Song
Digraph Walk
Five Little Kites
St. Patrick’s Day
We Had a Good Day


April Happies

Shake a Hand
Magic Words
Chica Boom
Dinosaur Boogie
Chair Can Can
Happy Days
Spelling Number Words
Karate Chop Skip Count
When You Come to a Word You Don’t Know
The Vowel Family
The Water Cycle
Green Team
Turn It Off
Litter Patrol
Earth Day
Good-Bye Song


May Happies

We’re Great
Have You Ever Been Fishing?
Going on a Picnic
Jump Rope Rally
Dias de la Semana (Days of the Week in Spanish)
Meses del Ano (Months of the Year in Spanish)
Fraction Pizza
Techno Count to 100
Who Let the Letters Out?
Alphabet Forwards and Backwards
Caterpillar’s Story
Parts of a Flower
Planting Song
A Box for Mommy
Take Me Out to the Ballgame
May There Always Be Sunshine


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