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Dr. Jean has many Free Activities and Resources

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PowerPoint Connections to Core Standards

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English and Language Arts


ABC Kickbox – RF 1d and RF 3a
Alphabet Train – RF 1d
Phon-ercise!  RF 1d and RF 3a
Letter Round-Up – RF 1d and RF 3a
Color Farm – RF 1b
Tools of Good Readers – RF 4
Word Families – RF 2c
Opposite Song – L 5b
Magic Words – SL 1
Super Star Chant – SL 1b
The Wheels on the Bus – RL 7
Tooty Ta – RF 2e
Backpack Boogie – RF 7
Jingle Bells – RL 10
The Way We exercise – RI 2
Sports around the Year – RI 7
Parts of a Plant – RI 2
My Mother Is a Baker – RL 2
Eat Green – RI 7


Zero the Hero – Counting & Cardinality  (Count to 100)
Five Little Hotdogs – Count to tell the number - Subtraction
Chant and Write – Cardinality – Write Numbers
Country Countdown – Counting forwards and backwards to 20
Beaver Call – Count to tell the number
Over in the Meadow – Count to tell the number
Math Is Fun – Cardinality and Geometry
Money Song – Money