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July 2020


There are two words that teachers must keep repeating as the new school year approaches. One is resilient, and the other is positive. No one knows for sure what the future holds, but we must be resilient to adapt to the changes. It’s also essential to keep a positive attitude because one thing we can agree on is that WE CARE ABOUT OUR CHILDREN!

We want them to feel secure and loved, and we want them to learn and be happy. Toni Mullins, Laura Bounadonna, Barbara Gruener, and Dr. Jean joined hands to create a resource of strategies, activities and ideas to help you get READY and SET to GO back to school! ONLINE or IN PERSON you’ll be excited to try out all these new ideas in their VIRTUAL CLASSROOM SURVIVAL GUIDE!

READY - You’ll find tips to foster a positive relationship with your families and children.

SET – Fill up your teacher toolkit with tips and tricks for engaging your learners.

GO – You’ll find games, strategies and hands-on activities to make learning playful and purposeful! JUST FOR FUN – Kids just want to have fun, so let’s create special days and memories for them.

Teachers' success proved how creative and adaptive educators are! As the new school year approaches, we have some time to think about what we want our virtual classroom to look like and make plans.

The goal of our book is to provide you with a variety of strategies, activities, and ideas to get you READY and SET to GO back to school! Every age, every grade level, every classroom, and every child is unique and special. In addition, each online classroom has a different schedule and set of goals and expectations.

It has been said that “Great Teachers Harvest Ideas.”Our hope is that you will harvest these ideas – make them your OWN and make them BETTER! Join hands with Teacher Toni, Laura, Barbara, and Dr. Jean, and you’ll have a GREAT year!




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