What Do Kids Really Want?

The world keeps changing, but children are the same. Children want what they have always wanted: to be loved, feel competent, and play and have FUN!

Dr. Jean will demonstrate how to make learning more like PLAY with songs and active learning.

Highlights will include:

            •  Good Morning Songs
            •  Everybody Shake a Hand
            •  Brain Breaks to Reinforce Skills
            •  Singing Sounds *Moving Math
            •  Cheers for Everyone


I Am A Child Of God
(Keynote for Faith-Based Conferences)

Join Dr. Jean as we celebrate how “wonderfully made” all God’s children are!

You will learn songs, rhymes, and activities that will nurture positive feelings, develop skills, and create a classroom family. Childhood happens once in a lifetime, and we are blessed to touch children’s hearts and minds in meaningful and loving ways.

Highlights will include:

            •  How to Start Your Day with a Smile and a Song
            •  Tips to Guide Children in Positive Ways
            •  Active Learning with Songs and Dances
            •  Instilling a Sense of Gratitude
            •  Ideas to Help Each Child Feel Unique and Special




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