Let’s Get HAPPIE! It’s May! It’s May!

May, 2019


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The lovely month of May! Spring is here and it’s time to play and have some FUN!!

We’ve got some HAPPIES that will be perfect to add some smiles to your day.

This month’s preview includes:

Handshakes: Fisherman, Jellyfish

Cheers: Clam Clap, Ole!, Raise the Roof

Attention Grabber: Student Heroes

Finger Plays: I Caught a Fish, Dig a Hole

Remember that HAPPINESS IS CONTAGIOUS!  YOU can add the magic to these activities with your smile, enthusiasm, and energy!

This is just a sample of all the wonderful things you’ll find in our MAY HAPPIES with over 100 pages of activities and 18 song downloads.

Don’t miss out on all the fun!!!You can click here to download a free preview of the May Happies!



I’ve also added a new video, "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." The May Happies includes activities for "Take Me Out to the Ballgame," too.



Hooray for spring!!!

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People frequently ask us for activities in Spanish.  I’m excited to tell you that my webmaster (Alex May) has created two more new videos just for you!  Here are the links:

Colores en la Granja - http://bit.ly/drjeanColoresEspanol

Color Farm - http://bit.ly/drjeanColorsEnglish

Keep checking back because he’s working on lots of new ones for this school year!

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