Magic Words - November

Magic Words
PLEASE and THANK YOU are a great place to begin.  Teach children these sign language prompts:
                  palm open on chest and circle around
            Thank you                
                  fingers on chin and then down to palm
            You’re welcome      
                  back of palm by mouth then curve out and down

Role Play

Role play situations where you would say “please” and “thank you.” 
Let children use puppets to create scenes where they should use the magic words.      

Excuse Me!

Teach children to say, “Excuse me” if they bump into someone or make a mistake. 


Teach children how to greet someone by extending their right hand, looking the person in the eyes, and shaking their hand as they say, “Hello!  My name is ___.”
Have the children walk around the room and practice shaking hands as they greet each other every morning.


Explain that it is rude to interrupt other people when they are talking.  Show children how to gently place their hand on your forearm if they want to say something to you.  Place your other hand on top of the child’s to indicate that you will respond to them shortly.
Coughs and Sneezes

Encourage children to catch those sneezes and coughs in their “wings” (arms).

I Don’t Like

Pretend to have a whiny voice as you say, “I don’t like” or “I can’t”!  Let children correct you and demonstrate how to say, “No thank you.”  “I don’t care for any.”  Or, “I’ll try!” and “I think I can!”

The Golden Rule

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is the key to having good manners! 

As educators, when we treat children with respect, model good manners, and set high expectations children will rise to the challenge.

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