60 Days of Summer
(51 through 60)

51.  Sidewalk Artists
Children can write, draw pictures, or make hopscotch with chalk on a paved surface.  They can also design roads on which to ride bikes and tricycles.  Challenge them to use their imaginations and create stores, traffic signs, and other symbols on the cement.

52.  Monkey Tail Sandwich
You will need:
Hotdog buns
Small bananas
Peanut butter
Spread peanut butter in the hotdog bun and then place the banana on top.
*Omit the peanut butter and use cream cheese if children have allergies.

53.  Cardboard Castle
An appliance box or other large box can be a "castle" to a child.  Cut out doors and a window with a utility knife.  (An adult will need to do this!)  Let the children decorate with paints, markers, or crayons.
*You can also make a car wash from an appliance box.   Open the box and place on its side so it looks like a tunnel.  Cut the bottom off of a large plastic garbage bag.  Cut up the seam on one side to open the bag.  Cut 2" strips up from the bottom of the bag stopping 3 inches from the top of the bag.  Tape the garbage bag to the top of the box to create the swishers, and then let the children ride their toys through the box.

54.  Dream Sicle Drink
Orange juice
Frozen vanilla yogurt
Pour 2 cups of orange juice in the blender.  Add several large scoops of the vanilla yogurt.  Blend until smooth.
Adaptations:  Make a "purple cow" by mixing grape juice with the vanilla yogurt.

55.  Geometry
Draw basic geometric shapes (square, triangle, rectangle, oval, rhombus, circle) on 6” cardboard squares.  Pass out the shapes and challenge the children to find something on the playground with a similar shape.
*Divide children into small groups and let them make shapes with their bodies on the grass.

56.  Rub A Dub Dub
Have children bring their washable dolls to school.  Fill tubs with water and soap, and then have a bathing party.  Add sponges, wash clothes, and squirt bottles.
Adaptations:  Let children wash doll clothes and hang them on a clothesline with spring clothespins.

57.  Counting
Children can count trees, fence posts, balls, bushes, and many other items on the playground.
*Have them estimate how many and then verify their guess by counting.


58.  Snack in a Cone
Serve crackers, pretzels, dry cereal, raisins, or other snacks in a cone.  Children can eat the snack and then eat the cone!  No mess to clean up with this snack!


59.  Broomstick Hockey
You will need children's brooms and a rubber ball for this game.  Children hit the ball with the broom and try to get it in a box or designated area.

60.  Bowling
Take several empty liter bottles from water or soft drinks and arrange them in a triangle.  Children stand behind a line and roll a ball, trying to knock down the plastic bottles.  Count how many they knock down.  Let children can take turns rolling the ball and setting up the bottles for each other.
Hint!  Fill the bottles with water if it’s a windy day.


I can’t wait for Kalina and K.J. to come visit.  I’m going to show them this list and let them choose what they’d like to do!!!



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