60 Days of Summer
(31 through 40)

31.  Seriation
Collect sticks of different lengths and have the children put them in order from smallest to largest.
*They could also seriate leaves, rocks, etc.



32.  Spooky Walk
When it gets dark, grab a flashlight and go on a spooky walk. 
Hint!  Cut ovals out of reflective tape and put them on index cards.  Hide the cards in bushes and trees and then hunt for them in the dark.  They’ll look just like animal eyes peeking out at you!

33.  Thermometer
Hang a large outdoor thermometer on your playground.  Before going outside have children predict what the temperature will be.  Read the thermometer when you go outside.
*Keep a monthly graph of the temperature each day.

34.  Driving School
Have a safety lesson about riding toys.  Draw parking spaces and road signs on the pavement with chalk and have the children practice riding their bikes and obeying the signs.  Make a driver’s license with the child’s photo, name, address, and personal attributes.

35.  Window Painting
Squirt shaving cream on windows and let children fingerpaint.  Hose off with clean water.

36.  Sorting
Ask children to collect different items on the playground.  (This will vary with the season and your habitat.)  Put their objects together in a big pile.  Ask the children to put the objects that are alike together.
*Can they sort them another way?


37.  Body Bubble Painting
Children will need to have on swim suits for this activity.  Pour a small amount of water in a plastic bowl.  Add a big squirt of detergent and several drops of food coloring.  Beat with an egg beater until the bubbles overflow.  Let the children “paint” their bodies with bubbles and then rinse off in a sprinkler.

38.  Animal Picnic
Brainstorm foods that animals eat.  Write their suggestions on the board.  Let children circle the foods that they eat as well.  Offer those foods (carrots, celery, apples, nuts, berries) for snack.

39.  Panning for Gold
Spray small rocks and pebbles with gold spray paint.  Dry.  Hide in a sandbox or around the playground.

40.  Fruit Juice on a Stick
Fill paper cups with natural fruit juice.  Insert a popsicle stick and freeze until hard. 
*You can also make your own yogurt popsicles.


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