July, 2018


Summertime, summertime, sum, sum, summertine!  This is the time of year to remember the joy and good times you had as a child in the summer.  Catching lightning bugs, visiting relatives, eating watermelon, playing outside…some of the best childhood memories are created in the summer.

Isn’t it sad that so many children are now spending their summer in front of a screen?  Instead of getting dirty and running around they are tapping and swiping.  Instead of laughing with friends and playing tag they are playing a video game.  Well, I can’t solve all the world’s problems, but I can give you some fun things to do with kids this summer. 

Whether you are a parent, aunt, uncle, Bible school leader, camp counselor, neighbor, friend – if you know a child - I challenge you to look at this list and choose a few activities you’d like to share with a child. They are simple, inexpensive, and require no special equipment. 

You’ll find ideas for science, art, cooking, literacy, math, dramatic play, and JUST FOR FUN!  You can do these activities with a group of children or a single child.  Put on that sunscreen and get ready for your BEST summer ever! 

1.  Let’s Get Started with a Song!
Can you imagine sitting around a campfire and singing? Talk about a vanishing activity! No iTunes…no big screen…no musical instruments…just an engaging song and friends! My daughter and I were reminiscing that nobody sings like that any more.  If you ever sang around a campfire as a child, it's a happy memory you will never forget.


The great thing about children is that you can still give them that special memory in your backyard or out on the playground.  One day when I taught we built a fake campfire out of sticks.  The kids found sticks, stuck marshmallows on the end, and pretended to roast them in the fire.  It was hysterical, because they were totally into the experience.  We then sang some of our favorite songs like “Found a Peanut,” “Yogi Bear,” and “The Beaver Call.”  What songs do you remember singing as a child?


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