Shower April with Joy and Good Memories!

April, 2018


We want to “shower” you with a “downpour” of fun ideas in our April Happies.  It’s interesting that SEL (Social Emotional Learning) is receiving so much attention now because that’s exactly what Carolyn Kisloski and I have been preaching about and trying to nurture with our HAPPIES each month.  Teachers and children need to find the JOY of learning together.  Each child needs to feel loved, capable, and accepted. 

Plant those SEL seeds this month with our handshakes, cheers, brain breaks, songs, games and creative activities. 

Remember that HAPPINESS IS CONTAGIOUS!  YOU can add the magic to these activities with your smile, enthusiasm, and energy!

You can click here to download a free preview of the April Happies!



I’ve also brought back two videos that have Spring themes. View “Spring Things” and “Parts of a Flower” here.


Hooray for spring!!!

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People frequently ask us for activities in Spanish.  I’m excited to tell you that my webmaster (Alex May) has created two more new videos just for you!  Here are the links:

Colores en la Granja -

Color Farm -

Keep checking back because he’s working on lots of new ones for this school year!

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