March, 2018


This month our MARCH HAPPIES PREVIEW packet will be like finding a pot of gold!  There are handshakes, cheers, a clean up song, a treasure  pirate ship, an egg flip book, a writing prompt “How to Build a Nest”, and “smiles of spring.”

I’ve also made two new videos that I call “Just for Kids” that you can share with your class. View “Alphagator” and “Birdies” here.

And, since it’s March, how about my “Kids on the March” video?

Hooray for spring!!!

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People frequently ask us for activities in Spanish.  I’m excited to tell you that my webmaster (Alex May) has created two more new videos just for you!  Here are the links:

Colores en la Granja - http://bit.ly/drjeanColoresEspanol

Color Farm - http://bit.ly/drjeanColorsEnglish

Keep checking back because he’s working on lots of new ones for this school year!

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