October 2017

October Happies

Please note: Is your school part of the damage caused by
Hurricane Harvey or Hurricane Irma?
If so, Dr. Jean wants to share some materials and music with you.
Please contact her by email:
Include the name of your town and school.

It’s October and we’ve got “treats” and “tricks” for you in our October Happies packet.

Here’s a preview, but we know you’ll want the whole month when you see how these songs, cheers, handshakes, finger plays, and activities can “sweeten” your day!

Each month we share brand new handshakes, cheers, attention grabbers,
and finger plays- with a QR code of Dr. Jean demonstrating each one, followed by written directions and pictures for each.

This month includes:
          Handshakes: Squirrel, Spiderman
          Cheers: Lookin’ Good, Harry Potter, Sparkles & Rainbows
          Attention Grabber: Hocus Pocus
          Finger Plays: Five Little Pumpkins, Jack O’ Happy
          You can cut this paper in half, laminate, and save with the other                   Demonstration
          QR Codes available in each month’s packet, so they are easy to access.
          Punch a hole in the corner and clip together with a book ring so they are always at your fingertips.














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