Write On

White Boards
Use these letter videos as a transition activity to focus the children before morning meeting.  If they each have a white board they can follow along with the video and then continue to practice writing the letters and words that begin with that sound.

Listening Center
These videos could be used on an iPad as an independent center activity.



Rainbow Writing
Have children make “rainbow letters” by tracing around letters with different colors of crayons.




Lotty Dotty
Use a marker to make dotted letters.  Put a drop of glue on top of each dot.  Children trace over the dots of glue with their finger.
•They can do a rubbing of the dots with the side of a crayon and then connect the dots.


Magic Paint Brush – Give children a clean paintbrush and a cup of water.  Children make letters on a chalkboard and then watch them disappear!
Hint!  Place a small piece of sponge in a spring clothespin and use as a paintbrush.

Play Dough Letters
Write letters on clear plastic plates, plastic placemats, sheet protectors, or leftover laminating film with a permanent marker. Children roll play dough and place it on top to make the letter.  Can they make objects that begin with that sound?


Sidewalk Chalk
Let children practice making letters on a paved surface with chalk.

Shaving Cream
Oh, what fun to make letters with a squirt of shaving cream (non-menthol) on tables or desks.
•It’s also a great way to get clean hands and a clean room!


Highway Letters
Download upper and lowercase letters at makinglearningfun.com.  Laminate or insert in a clear sheet protector.  Put a green dot where children start writing the letter and a red dot where they should stop.  Children can trace over the letters with their finger, a toy car, or a dry erase marker.


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