Pencil Power

It’s important to encourage children to use the correct pencil grip when they begin writing.  Here are a few tips that might help.

Silly Band Seat Belt – Give children a silly band or loose rubber band to wear around their wrist when they write.  Explain that when you go in the car you have to wear a seat belt and when you write you need to put a seatbelt on your pencil.  Demonstrate by picking up a pencil and slipping the end of the band over the pencil.  Mom and dad (index finger and thumb) will be in the front and the kids (other three fingers) will be in the back.



Pompom - Give children a pompom or cotton ball to hold in their
hand when they write.  Demonstrate how to put pinky and ring man to “sleep” on the pompom before picking up the pencil.





Writing Bracelet - String a bead or jingle bell to a piece of yarn or string to make a bracelet.  Make it loose enough so it can slide easily on and off a child’s wrist.  While writing the child wears the bracelet and holds the bead with her pinky and ring man.


Pencil Grip Song - Sing this song to the tune of “Where Is Thumbkin?”
            Where is Pointer? 
            On the top. 
            Ready to write. 
            Start at the top.
            Where is Thumbkin? 
            On the side. 
            Ready to help
            Your pencil glide.
            Where is Tallman? 
            On the bottom. 
            Keeps the letters
            Where you want ‘em.


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