As children watch the videos encourage them to use one of these movement strategies.

Invisible Writing – Children extend the middle and index finger and write in the air.



Writing Wand - Staple strips of tissue paper to a straw for air writing.




Noodle - To practice writing letters give children a 9” inch section of a swim noodle.
Hint!  Let them “mess around” with the noodles before doing a structured activity.  Practice a game where the teacher says “Statue of Liberty” and the children freeze, place their noodles in the air, and listen.

Midline Writing – Activate both sides of the brain by extending the index finger from both hands as you write in the air.
Palm Pilot – Children hold up one palm and trace letters on it with the index finger from the other hand.  Take it to the brain!   (Children pretend to run their fingers up their arm to their head.)

Body Parts – Practice making letters in the air with different body parts, such as the elbow, foot, nose, belly button, chin, etc. 
Hint!  Let a different child choose the body part you use each day.

Letter Claps – Hold hands in the air touching and make little claps as you make the shape of the letter and alliterate the sound.

Hint!  Try a different strategy each day to keep children interested and active.

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