Bugs and Insects

March, 2017

It's that time of year again when bugs and insects come out of their little holes.  And, although most adults aren’t too fond of insects, children are absolutely fascinated by them.  That’s why Carolyn Kisloski and I created our unit on BUGS AND INSECTS.  We wanted to integrate science, technology, engineering, art, language arts, and math in a fun and meaningful way.  And now it’s FREE just for you!

Click here for Bugs and Insects Unit. The link will take you to the TPT site where you will find links for the downloads. They are free.

This STEM packet includes a Prezi about Bugs and Insects; QR Codes about insects, insect life cycles, and various children's books about insects; writing prompts to go with books (which also include a QR code, so the kids can listen to the stories again at home!); and hands-on activities, games, and art projects that are tried-and-true.  It also includes a download of my song “The Insect's Body.”

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