December, 2016
My Gift is a Song!


It’s that wonderful time of year when everyone is a little jollier, kinder, more generous…and busier!! My gift to you this year is five free downloads.

Of course, there’s “Jingle Bells,” but I thought your classroom might also ring out the season with “SANTA,” “Kwanzaa,” “My Dreidel,” and “The Holiday Alphabet.” You’ll find an instrumental version of the “Holiday Alphabet” so you can make up your own words with symbols that are significant to the children in your classroom.




We’ve also got books and PowerPoints to make your days bright! And, for some of the songs, we have an online Flip Book. Look for the Flip Book link with the songs or check the Downloads page.

Note! Make four copies of a song to put in your listening center with the book. Now, that’s a great idea for tracking and repetition!

A holiday pointer with a jingle bell or sticker would add a special touch.





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