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Word Family Tin

Skills: onsets and rimes; phonics
Materials: small magnetic letters, breath mint tin, index cards
Directions: Put a vowel and several consonants in each tin. Write a list of words that can be made from the letters in each tin. Children reproduce the words on the lid of the box.
More! Challenge children to make their own CVC words from the letters in their tin.

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Who Let the Letters Out?

Skills: phonics
Materials: small plush dog, magnetic tape, plastic dog dish, magnetic letters
Directions: Glue a strip of magnetic tape to the end of the dog’s nose. Fill the dog bowl with magnetic letters. Children take the dog and put him in the bowl. Say this chant about the letter they select:
                             Who let the M out? /m/ /m/ /m/ /m//m/
More! Make a doghouse using the downloadable pattern. Add magnetic tape to the back and let children use on a magnetic board or overhead as they “let the letters out.” Check Downloads link in menu at the left.

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Letter Tree

Skills: alphabet knowledge; high frequency words
Materials: large coffee can or vegetable can, gold spray paint, green felt, brown felt, magnetic tape, magnetic letters
Directions: First, spray paint the can gold or brown. Next, cut out 9 palm fronds from felt using the downloadable pattern. Glue the palms as shown and then cut out several coconuts from the brown felt and glue on top. Attach a magnetic strip to the bottom of the palms. Turn the can upside down and place the palms on top to create a tree. Attach the magnetic letters to the side. Children could place the letters in their name on the tree; attach the letters they can recognize; put up the letters that are all the same color; make words, etc. When they are finished playing with the tree, they simply turn the can over and place the palms and letters in the can.
More! Check Downloads link in menu at the left.

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